video Seems like everything I touch falls apart…

Listen to this song. Preferably on the highway, or when you’re home alone cleaning the bathroom and can turn up the speakers without anyone complaining about it. I would suggest upping the bass by at least 2+ so you can really feel the music, but enough about that…
The lyrics indicate that the writer is living with failed expectations of himself. And that his family and friends have similar expectations that he can never meet…

I wish I could but I don’t always keep the promises I’ve kept.
I wish I could but I can’t always give whatever I have left.

And in the 2nd verse…

I know I should but I don’t always say what you want me to say
I know I could but I don’t always act like everything’s ok.

He knows what he is capable of, what he could do, what he should do, and what the people around him expect him to do. He just isn’t up for it. And that’s why it all “Falls apart…seems like everything I touch falls apart…”
It’s also understood that he’s talking to someone else. Someone who helped him. Someone who he made him better, and someone he keeps walking away from. Who ya think that is? I think I know but I’ll let you guess…

Everything I have ever been made of hates who I am!
I’m so glad you waited.
Can’t get my mind,
off how you could love me…
I’m so behind, you’re so far above me,
And you’ll always be the wind under my wings,
Above me.

Even while this guy is a failure to himself and to his friends, he isn’t unwilling to admit that someone else has it all together. He’s not bitter. He’s…grateful? Imagine that. He admits that this person has something he doesn’t have, something he needs, and that whenever he walks away from that thing, it all falls apart…
It’s that admission of darkness within- Weakness. Inability. Incompleteness.–that makes this story unique. The writer concludes by saying what he’s doing next…

I will not let it go to waste,
I’m takin all I got, and leavin’ this place….

He’s not going to waste what he has learned. Even what he has learned through failing, through falling apart.
It’s ok. It’s ok when it all falls apart. It’s ok that you’re not what everyone expects you to be. It’s ok that you aren’t what you want to be. But figure out who has what you need, and then don’t let that info go to waste.


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