Optionally Titled

Perusing my latest posts, and finding that while they all have different titles, many of them seem to have the exact same theme. Of course, with a bit of different wording and always a spicy new metaphor.
Neurotic blogger syndrome tells me: “You should stop writing.”
Nuh uh. I may have to drop-kick this tendency everyday. You know if you’ve ever started a blog… about that little voice in the back of your head that says, “No one cares what you have to say. You can’t help anybody. They don’t like you! Look, it’s not even helping you think clearer. Just give it up and go drink more coffee…”
I learned from Youtube that getting people to look at your stuff takes longer than a few posts, a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. That you gotta look past the negativity, the crude comments, the ignorance, and just accept that they are human. And while they claim to hate your face, they are still watching your videos or reading your posts for one reason or another.
Focus on the upside of putting any of your thoughts out to the world. If the ups are higher than the downs, do it.
That’s why I ignore neurotic blogger syndrome. But I do think I will start writing about some different things. Now there’s actually a couple handfuls of you super-awesome follower people…(yay!!!) and I think you deserve to read about more than one topic.
I’m thinking about having a certain, very broad heading for each day of the week. Do a personal post on Monday. Something about life on Tuesday, God on Wednesday, rants on Thursday, music, movies, reviews, news, opinions ex cetera, ex cetera. What do you think? (Interpret this as rhetorical or literal) That way, it will mix it up a bit. Some will be subjective, objective, first person, omniscient, fiction, fact….
Because I honestly believe that most people want to read the honest scribblings of real writers. Not a bunch of things like “my life sucks” or “my life is perfect.” But something encouraging, insightful, mind-bending, relational, and inspiring. Something that makes the reader feel like they are not alone.
Sigh. I’ll try to live up to my standards.
Look at how I spelled et cetera. You can be assured of what time it is here…bedtime.
Goodbye. Goodnight. Or Good morning. I guess it depends on where you are reading from. 🙂


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