A little spice for your Saturday

I found this quote whilst perusing social media and drinking my coffee. I like it. No one is promised to have it easy…to have another breath…to have another hug or another kiss or another dollar or  another word or another chance. It’s actually guaranteed that you won’t have those things, and that if you do have them, they can be so easily taken away. But in God we can endure whatever that difficult life brings. So PRAY for perseverance. You’ll need it. Then get up, get out, go live, start putting the pieces back together, walking toward the goal one step at a time, pressing on, pressing forward, never giving in. Some words from Nine Lashes, “Never Back Down” to close out:

“These voices are making me lose my mind…
I know you can hear what I hear!
They’ll have their way, everyone’s heart bled dry,
If we turn, and we flee…
All I know is I’d rather die than believe a lie.
I cannot follow the blind…
We will not RELENT now
Or NEVER till the day that we dreamed of!
I see it coming as we PRESS ON
We will not RELENT now
Or never till the day that we dreamed of
I see it coming to LIFE!”

Turn up your music and put the windows down. Unless it’s raining. Nah, do it anyway.
I’m praying for your strength today. You’ll endure.
(the next post should be the one about judging others btw. I got a little distracted)


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