Optionally Titled (The Trilogy)

Hey ya’ll!
Are you enjoying your week? Hang in there, it’s just over 12 hours until Friday…and then 24 hours until Saturday…and then 48 until Monday and it starts all over again. Painful thought? Ikr!
I’m gonna try to have my fiction post up tomorrow or Saturday. There are alot of things I would like to write about, but honestly, I just don’t have all the time in the world anymore.
I have an interview on Saturday….
I am now a representative for my college and triage registration starts this week…There’s a reason it’s called triage…
I get a three day paid vacation in my hometown…gonna stay in this big house with an adorable golden doodle….I’m hyped…plenty of time to write and stuff. 😀
I got to talk to one of my best friends last night…sat on the back of my dad’s utility truck when it was pitch black outside and just chatted…hadn’t done that in over two months…after everything that happened I thought our friendship was over and I can’t explain how great it was to hear her voice again… to remember that while some things have changed, others haven’t changed at all…
I’m thinking about going back into the place I used to work…face everything I’ve ran from and look it right in the eyes. I miss my friend ^ and my boss and would love to see them again. Maybe it will work out, maybe not. We shall see…
I’ve been thinking about alot of topics lately…everything from “moving on” to “setting an example” to just hilarious things that happen in everyday life. You might get some of those in the next week.
But the next one should be the fiction post…I want to do it just like I’ve said–pick a song and write a backstory behind it. Make metaphors from the lyrics and all that, throw a dash of mystery in there by making you guys have to wonder what song the story is based from (maybe some of you can guess though?) and walla! I’ve already picked the song (one of my favorites 🙂 ) and have got a storyline. Because the song has so much significance for me, I want to take the time to do it right. I hope you guys like it.
If not…
I’ll give it a shot anyway.
I like reading you guy’s blogs too. You have some interesting stuff going on. I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging is something like therapy. When you throw yourself out there, vulnerable and honest, and find out that other people are actually helped by what you write, and that they also have similar struggles, it helps the tunnel not seem so dark.
“Cause you’re not…you’re not alone!”
Have a fantastic Thursday!
😉 And remember….



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