Uniform Pajamas

It’s funny how much I hear fast food workers complain about their uniform. And man, believe me, I hate it too. Scratchy. Dirty. Smellin like grease, chicken, sweat. Plus the fact that you have to wear it at least five days a week. Ugh.
I laugh at this because I am currently all cuddled up in my old uniform shirt. It went from being an abhorrent discomfort to a respected pj top.
Interesting life principle here.
You see, I didn’t want to wear it for awhile because it made me feel like the memories of my old job and my ex were literally hanging on my skin. Literally. I didn’t even want to look at it.
But now…it’s cozy.
Funny how the things we hate sometimes become the things we love.
I’m convinced that the only things we are guaranteed out of life are
1. There will be pain
2. It’s worth it
3. Most of it will appear as a paradox. Blessings in disguise. Things you wanted that ended up wasting you. Things you never expected before but would never give up now.
Like my uniform pajamas.
I’ll leave you to muse on that. And possibly consider taking your rumpled uniform from way back when out of the attic. How does it smell? You might want to wash it first, but after you do…try it on…cuddle up with your family or your significant other or your stuffed animals…how’s it feel? Like memories?
I hope in the next week, week and a half, to churn out the last part of “Their Eyes”, the second part of “Haters Gonna”, the next question topic, and a post regarding a quote that I found about love, moving on, and choosing. Maybe a personal something or other too but technically everything I write is personalish so never mind. A rant? If you wanna hear about anything in particular, my email address is in the about section. Write me! Anyway, I’ll be outta town–outta sight, outta reach, outta state tomorrow but expect something when I return. Adios for now! And have a great Thursday!


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