Another Optionally Titled Update

Hey guys!
I’ve been trying to decide what to write about…there’s alot on my mind but I want to make sure that ya’ll are enjoying it, not just sitting back there with your coffee like “Uhmmmhmmm.”
I’ve read boring blogs before. Not fun. Then there are other ones that bring you to tears or make you pray hard or make you wake up with a smile on your face or check with anticipation at least once every hour to see if they’ve posted something. I know it…I can see you doing it. If you’re on Blogger, you’ve done AT LEAST one of the above. 😉
So, I went and looked at my post history. The most popular things I’ve written have been the whole “Their Eyes” series, the 2 rants, “Road block”, “Alone”, “Who am I now?” and “A Letter to that Someone.” I honestly think those were the most soul-wrenching, desperate pieces of literature I’ve ever written, but apparently things like that click with people. Those were also some of the posts that I least expected to take off, but lo and behold, they surprised me. I can also concur that you guys like fiction and passionate, ALL CAPS, text-screaming. #rant
Conversely, I got alot of followers from the one “question of the week” post I did, and also the Bible post “Haters Gonna….”
You will notice now that I have six categories.
Instead of randomly posting in each one, whenever, wherever, I want to have some organization. Not do another update before I do the question of the week (or month apparently) 😛 and so on and so forth.
I apologize for my easily distracted mind.
Right now, it really needs some coffee.
Good morning! Stay awake today folks…


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