Whuddup Wednesday?!

Hi guys! I am working on my “Haters Gonna” Part 2 post, but it won’t be ready until later cause I got work and church and dog-bathing this afternoon. Fun stuff, blah stuff, you know what I mean.
So…I will leave you with a thought for Wednesday.
My favorite blogger (he knows who he is) recently did a post about not making any excuses in life. It really stood out to me, made an impact, made me think. No regrets…no excuses. Because when you reach the end of life, and there’s no more going forward and only looking back, will you have to say “what if” or “I wish I would have”?
This topic has been on my mind alot lately. I’m at that point in life where some things are set in stone–unmoveable, decided, unshakeable–and others are still open to reformation. Some doors are closed, others are still open. It’s always been hard for me to make decisions, mostly because I was concerned about other people’s opinions. Now it’s just hard because I know I want to live well, love God, and help people. Other than that, I have no clue about the specifics.
But I keep meeting people who remind me about the importance of making right decisions. My grandma was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and my mom has been calling her constantly to check on the results of her MRI and biopsy. But the other day, something my grandma said stood out to me: “You know, I never expected my life would turn out this way. That I would be divorced, alone, poor, and have cancer. I just never expected it to be like this.”
People, some things in life are unavoidable. Sometimes you are at the wheel, following all the traffic signs, and someone else swerves into your lane and hits you. Other times there is road construction and you have to take an unexpected detour. Somethings are out of our control. But…sometimes…and this is the hardest part to admit…you speed, you break the rules, you run off the road, into a ditch, and then you’re stuck and have to call a tow truck to pull the car out of the mud.
Some things just happen. Other things happen because of our choices. That’s what the famous serenity prayer is all about:

“God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.”

People, look at that. How do you want to live today? Do you want to make excuses? Do you want to have regrets? Some things you can’t change, and you have to leave that in God’s hands.
BUT some things you CAN change, and it takes wisdom to know how to do it.
That’s what the meme is about. “If it is important to you…” What is important to you? What do you cherish? What would you both die for and live for? What is worth breathing and fighting for? What that is important today will still be important on your deathbed?
“If it is important to you, you will find a way.” You will fight. You will work. You will wait. You will hang on to that wheel even though the rain is pounding and your wipers are flying back and forth and you can barely see. If it’s important enough, if it’s right, if it’s in God’s plan, if it’s worth it, there will always be a way to get it.
“If not, you’ll find an excuse.” We make excuses to not get up early, to not do our best, to not help that person, to not reach out, to stay locked up and locked in and isolated and alone. We make excuses that lead to procrastination and laziness and then wonder why our dreams aren’t coming true.
That’s what the blogger was talking about. That’s what a lyric in a song that I heard yesterday was talking about “you’ll make moves or you’ll make excuses.”
What are you gonna do today? Make moves or excuses?
I pray today for you, and for me, that we’ll have the wisdom to make a move. Even if it’s a small one…just one thing that we decide TODAY not to make an excuse about.
And if you want to hear the post that I did, you can find it at the link below.

 Have a great Wednesday!


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