Haters Gonna… (Part 2)


It has been determined that God is the only one that can judge you. (See Part 1)
But honestly, what does that mean?
The definition of JUDGE is “to pass legal judgment on; pass sentence on.”
Basically, you are sitting behind the big wooden desk, reviewing the information about the defendant, and sentencing them to whatever you think they deserve. Works great in the legal world. But in the personal world, you just don’t have the authority to decide what people deserve. Neither do I. Only God does.
However…the phrases  “haters gonna hate” and the “only God can judge me” idea behind it is often used in false context. Whether Eminem or Iggy Azalea or someone in Target or your best friend say it, alot of times they aren’t making any theological references. They are pretty much saying:
“You aren’t allowed to have an opinion about my life. My life is my life, and I can live it how I want, with who I want, where I want, when I want, and you are not allowed to say anything about it.”
And anyone who says “anything about it,” is deemed a hater.
There’s something wrong with this picture folks.
It is one thing to exact judgment on someone because you think you understand karma’s cravings. It is a totally different thing when….

-You lie to your friend and they call you out on it and you respond with “Don’t tell me how to live my life,” and proceed to post “haters gonna hate” memes on their facebook wall….

-A relative gives you stern advice about a relationship that you’re in. Good advice. Biblical advice, and all you can hear playing in your head is “Get off of my back…” (for those of you who are lost, watch the Dreamworks movie “Spirit”)

-You make a bad work decision and other people are offering help and advice, and if their opinion differs at ALL from yours, you tell them they are hating on you…

Get it?
There’s a difference between judging someone and giving them advice. There’s a difference between hating on someone and helping them to walk straight. And we often get the two mixed up because we are more concerned about comfort than truth.
It’s alot easier to say, “haters gonna hate” or “only God can judge me” than to admit that some of what your critics are saying might be true….
That being said, all of the people who give you advice about your life, or even disagree very strongly about your decisions are not your haters. They might actually be the ones who love you the most.
“Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ…” (Ephesians 4:5)
Truth and love are closely associated. In Ephesians, they walk hand in hand, as they also do in 1 Corinthians 13:6,  “Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
God says that people who tell you the truth love you.
The world says that people who tell you the truth hate you.
Who you gonna go with?
Now this isn’t to say that haters aren’t out there, but you know the trademark of a REAL hater? LIES. Lies about you, lies about the circumstance, lies about your motives. They deal in deception. You will know a hater by their forked tongue, double-face, and by the knife behind their back…
But someone who tells you the TRUTH…they are not judging you, they are not hating on you, they are not smacking you in the face…they are loving you. It’s a hard truth to accept. Believe me, I have STRUGGLE with it. You’re not alone if you do too. It’s hard not to judge the intentions of the people we think are judging us…
It’s true…haters are going to hate….only God CAN judge you…
But if your self-proclaimed “haters” are actually pointing you towards the right side of the road, toward God and light and good choices…then maybe their nametags need to be changed. And maybe you need to be saying “Lovers gonna love” instead of “Haters gonna hate.”



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