Optionally Titled (Part 4)


Update!!! Yay!!!
This blog still feels dreadfully unorganized, but because it is a direct reflection of my brain, I suppose that is fitting. At any rate, seeing that the category “Updates and Daily Thoughts” has been my most viewed file…I conclude that you guys like to see relatively short brain explosions on your Reader page. Around 500 words. Short and sweet. Bingo!
So I think I’ll actually start making DAILY thoughts…make those the personal part of my blog. Maybe start sharing more about my life in them. Post one every day in the morning. And then fill in the other categories–Fiction, Bible Thoughts, Being Alive, QOTW, Rants–in the evening five days a week. I like this idea. I will enforce this idea. Pinkie Promise. 
Sound good to ya’ll?
And no more two…three…four…parts. It’s stressful. I can barely remember what the last part of “Their Eyes” was about. You probably can’t either.
See you later….and have a great Saturday….


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