TDR: Why you should never walk a cat

Here’s the first daily morning post…you’ll see why I call the category “The Daily Random.” đŸ˜‰
So last night, I learned there is one thing you never do….
And that is try to walk a cat.
When that cat shimmies out of his harness and bolts from the car because he is paranoid of being walked, the second thing you never do is chase him.
Even though it is after dark, there are cars everywhere, and he just ran into a dimly lit downtown park.
If you’re wondering, we caught him. He wandered onto the brick ramp of the church next door, casually, and was captured by “kitty…come here poor kitty!” and some head rubs and treats.
Guess we should have taken the mournful “rarrrrrrrarrrwrrrrrraaaaRARRRRRwwWrrrssss” in the car as a hint that this cat was SO not feeling our vibe.
Now we know.
If you have a cat, and you walk him/her on a regular basis, I sure want to know how you did it.
And…I learned there is one thing that you should do
You should rub your friend’s heads. Or play with their hair.
Yes. I do not have pre-coffee zombie brain syndrome. Seriously. You should.
I used to do that with my childhood friend when we were in middle school and both lived in the same state. She had thick, curly dirty blonde hair that reached to her lower back. Beautiful. Every time I saw her, I would grab her hair and start braiding it. At first, she would shoot me the narrow-eyed, tight-lipped look….but….eventually gave in. With a roll of the eyes.
I used to play with my ex’s hair too–or “fur” as I called it–and I think he liked it. Considering that he shaved his head right after we broke up, I’m not exactly sure….
But…I now have three friends that love having their hair messed with. Which makes me exceedingly pleased because I love to give head rubs.And sometimes….on special occasions…to receive them too.
The best part is watching their faces….eyes close, lips settle into a peaceful smile, eyebrows go up, they sigh with delight.
Head rubs. As random as it gets. But yes.
Another thing you should do
Watch the Obama “cover” of “I’m So Fancy.”
I cannot stand that song, and the fact that the beat of it is so annoying and so addictive at the same time is just…argghhhhhh. And the lyrics? Blargh. And Iggy Azalea…her voice…no…too whiny…she should not be rapping…
But some clever person with too much time put clips of President Obama together in such a way that it made him seem like he was singing the song.
It was a “hardeeharhar” kind of video, but hey, at least it makes me laugh whenever I hear that song now instead of cringe….
But…right now I have to finish getting ready for church. Which includes drinking my coffee. One thing you shouldn’t ever do is drink coffee in an open cup, while wearing white, in a car, while on the highway, while running late for church. Trust me. Whether you have a white blouse or a white skirt…save yourself some heartache and put the coffee in a thermos.
Next Post?
Hopefully Fiction…
I hope you all have a great day!


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