TDR: That Third Chance…

I didn’t sleep great last night. You know, not the sort where you lie awake staring at the ceiling and tossing and turning, but the sort where you wake up every few hours and spend the rest of the time in that half-conscious stage that doesn’t really count as “sleep.”
The thing is, I never have trouble sleeping….like never….
I say it’s because I start a new job today. Yep folks, this girl has been unemployed for over two months now, and she is finally walking into a new workplace today, signing the forms, and clocking in on the computer. It’s about time too, because those long-term savings that seem to go on for infinity only actually last…about two months.
Paycheck. Friday. Yes.
I’m excited. My new workplace is this cute little hometown business that alot of people say has the friendliest service in town. And apparently great cinnamon rolls too. I’ve already been commissioned to bring cinnamon rolls to my friend’s parents, and I haven’t even started yet. But really, my family has been going there since my middle brother was….2…and he’s almost 13 now. Shucks I feel old…
I’m really nervous too.
In May, I lost two jobs in one month. Both were because of some mistakes I had made, either on the more personal side or on the business side. We’ll save those stories for another day.
But after that, I thought I was a failure. That I would never succeed again. I really, truly believed that…and everything I undertook after that, I expected to fail miserably.
That’s why, when I got an internship/job at my college, I walked in the door saying to myself, “you are so going to bomb this.” But I walked out having heard, “You did a great job! We look forward to working with you this year!” and I went to my car and started bawling because I never thought I would succeed at anything again.
That mindset still threatens me sometimes…
But today, I will conquer. And do my best, and succeed. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…”
Today, I feel like I have a second chance. No, a third chance. I don’t deserve it. And I’d better use it wisely.
At any rate, I gotta leave now.
Just a note, if your computer ever will not move from the load screen to the start screen, and you freak because you think it’s broken just in time for school, pop the battery out while it’s still running. Works like a charm….(this is me being slightly sarcastic as I’m a dork with computer mechanics) 😉
I’m praying for you guys today…for my readers….that you would know that you are not a failure. No matter what you’ve failed at before, that doesn’t define who you are today.
Btw, Their Eyes (Final) is almost done and should be up tonight….
Have a great Monday folks!


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