TDR: Bad contacts, stupid WordPress, and a new job



Good morning!
So, yeah, the magically disappearing (or just never appearing at all) post from yesterday…
The morning didn’t work out because I was running late and tossing bagels and makeup and work hats and keys all over the place trying to get ready. And, instead of settling peacefully into my eye like usual, my left contact was like, “heck, no!” For hours after I managed to get it in, if the light hit it a certain way or I turned, my eyes would burn and water, and customers would look at me like, “Geez why is she crying over my receipt?”
And then in the afternoon, I typed up a post…over 500 words. And WordPress deleted it, and saved the blank page before I could retrieve it. I gave up and watched Netflix.
But yeah….
How are ya’ll today?
How’s your coffee this morning? Too strong, too weak, a spoon of sugar with some colored water, or a double shot of espresso black?
Mine is brewing…mmmm.
Of course, if I don’t finish drinking it within the hour, I can always get some at work. Free. Smile.
Speaking of work…I absolutely adore my new job. Everyone there is friendly–not fakely or I’m-trying-to-be-nice-to-the-new-person friendly–but really, truly nice. They joke and laugh and throw things at each other, which is nice because it reminds me of the people at my old job that I still miss. It’s a very fast-pace position too, which I also love.
I feel like I fit right in. Some things were easier to figure out than expected, and for alot of my first day I was working independently. The other cashiers were feeding me alot of information at once, but for some reason it wasn’t overwhelming this time.
Yesterday, my boss took me aside and said, “Such and such said you’re doing a great job up there, and they like working with you! Good job, I’m impressed.”
I walked out in tears because I was so relieved.
I didn’t fail my first day. I haven’t failed yet.
I’m amazed out how God has provided for me. Blessed me. Given me another chance.
Anyway, I have to go there now.
Work that shift! You about to do the same?
Dang man, my coffee is strong this morning! 😉
Preparing for a rant post later. It’s been awhile. Maybe something about Robin Williams or genocide, since that’s what is all over Facebook.
Have a great day guys!


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