TDR: Nightmares, Grace, and Purity Rings

It was a long night…not only considering that I slept 12 hours (lol) but that I kept waking up from nightmares, sweaty and dazed. Which is strange because I almost never have bad dreams…
Anyone else have that kinda night?
But anyone else wake up the next morning ready to face it all?
Know what I’ve been thinking about?
Yesterday, I went to have coffee with one of my friends, and I told her about everything that has happened over the summer, how I thought it would destroy me, but how God has restored every part of my life, one piece at a time, in a way that amazes me. Flat-out amazes me.
And she said, “You know, I bet you wish some of that stuff wouldn’t have happened, but now your life is a testimony of grace.”
It’s not a testimony of me pulling myself up by my bootstraps and just surviving because I’m such an awesome person.
It’s an example of grace.
I remember from Sunday school that the definition of mercy is “not getting what you deserve” but that the definition of grace is “getting what you don’t deserve.”
Getting what I don’t deserve–that being, firstly the cross, and secondly, a chance to start my life over again with some amazing opportunities and unforgettable experiences. A chance, to now have more empathy for others because I understand what it’s like to feel as if nothing will ever get any better. I now know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
And now, I am a symbol of God’s grace. YOU ARE TOO. Whatever your life experiences are, whatever you’ve been going through, if you are still ALIVE today, you are a testimony!! You are a walking tract! You are a touchable, visible story that can encourage other people to keep persevering.
That helped. A lot. It made me realize that our experiences don’t define us, but they do sharpen us for a bigger purpose in the world.
And I wouldn’t change a thing…a single thing…
Some funny family stories…
So apparently, my little brothers have really enjoyed the fact that I bring home bagels from work almost every day. So yesterday, one of them rode 2 miles from the river, where he was playing with friends, to my house, just to see if I had brought any bagels home. He was so disappointed when he got there and, “She didn’t bring home any strawberry bagels!!!”
And then my other brother, who is turning 16 tomorrow…that guy is a trip. My mom got him a purity ring for his birthday, which I at first thought was a little strange, but after she explained that A: It would help keep girls away from him when he starts at the community college and B: At his wedding it would be sweet if his bride and he could both take off their purity rings at the same moment as they put on their wedding rings. That is a cool idea. So he has a black one now. He originally wanted one with spikes on the outside, apparently because, “Hey, you never know when I’ll have to punch someone over my purity!” Lol
And my dog…the picture says it all…


Anyway though…
I hope you guys have a great day.
Think of your life as a testimony of grace.
And ask yourself, looking at it from that perspective, would you really want to change a thing?


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