What Makes It Worth It (Part 1)


You are driving down the road on a rainy day…the windshield wipers swish back and forth across the glass and droplets skirt down the passenger window…car headlights reflect on the shiny black pavement that blurs the white and yellow lines together…a wave of water rides against your door as you hit the muddy-puddly area between the median and the road…Maybe you are listening to sad country songs that talk about lost love and broken hearts, or to instrumental, dramatic indie music (more my type) that speaks about rising from the ashes.
In that moment, you are asking yourself one question: “What’s this all about, man? What makes life worth it?”
Or you may ask that question when the doctors tell you there’s nothing else they can do for your dying loved one…when someone you care about turns their back on you…when you can’t make ends meet no matter how hard you work to get ahead…when depression sets in and even the things that once made you happy have turned gray and dull..
And sometimes that question turns from, “what makes it worth it?” to “Is it worth it at all?
Have you ever asked that question? Or asked a friend that question?
If they had an answer that managed to turn the lights on, your experience is one in a million.
Honestly, most of us have to answer that question over and over again–every day in the morning as we pour the coffee into our favorite mugs and pull our socks on: “Why is today worth living?”
What is usually your answer? Because if you are still alive, you do have an answer for that question that you feed yourself every single day. Is it money? Happiness? The hope of better days? Family? Children? A Career?
I ask myself that question every single day.
And I’ve been asking myself lately if the answers I give are the right ones…
So here’s how it goes…I’ve heard some very compelling stories and had some stirring experiences lately, and I’ve got the list of answers narrowed down a bit. Let’s face it, my posts won’t change your life, but if they make you think about it a little bit more, I’m satisfied. You?
What makes it worth it? Really? Truly?
Reason #1….
Will be covered in the next post… 😉 Caught you off guard, didn’t I?
Have a great night, all you lovely readers!
And take some time to relax with a fuzzy blanket, a stuffed animal, some fried rice, and Netflix. It might do you some good. 🙂


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