What Makes it Worth It (Part 2)

Sometimes, the darkest depression comes– not when there is no reason for hope–but instead when there are plenty of reasons and yet hope remains elusive.
You know what I am talking about….
When outwardly, there is no distinct tragedy that weighs you down. Your job is as smooth as can be expected. Nothing catastrophic has happened in the family or friend circle. You wear a contented smile. And yet on the inside, despair is poisoning the life out of life itself.
It is one of the hardest emotions to conquer. Mostly because there is no reason why. No definite problem to solve, and thus a hidden solution.
It’s been weighing on me lately, in one way or another. Overall, things in my life are very blessed and happy. But sometimes, a memory resurfaces and I struggle to contain it. Other times, it is not memories as much as pressure–from my work, from my school, from my family, from my friends. Sometimes I feel like one of those “whack-a-mole” toys…where every time I manage to poke my head above the board and see the sun, someone smashes it with a hammer and back into the darkness I go again. It makes me want to be alone. But at the same time, I am terrified of being alone. One of my best friends just moved away, and in the past week, two more of my closest “peoples” told me that they are moving too. I’ve lost so many people this year…and they just keep walking out or moving on…one after another….over and over again…
You know what it’s like, don’t you? And it makes you ask the question from my last post, “What Makes it Worth it? Why is Life still worth living? Is it worth living at all?”
Answer #1: HOPE.
I mentioned it above. It is the soul that survives beyond tragedies both great and small, it is the little voice that pushes people past their emotions, it is the strength that helps us keep running even while we sweat and bleed.
Hope is why we survive. And hope is how we survive.
Hope makes life worth it.
And I’m not talking about the hope of a long life or a prosperous career or of being rich and carefree.
Firstly, I am talking about the hope that says that nothing is pointless or meaningless. Every deed we do will survive beyond the grave, into eternity. And as cliche as it sounds, and I’m not trying to be Oprah here: Everything happens for a reason. Not because I want it to, not because it makes me feel better, but because God says it does.
Secondly, I’m talking about the hope of eternity. Because our deeds and also what happens to us survive after death, that means that the purpose for them will be discovered after death. What awaits us? Great question. God alone can answer it. But the promise that this world is not all there is, it is not the end-all, the last shot, or the final game, gives me hope.
Finally, I am talking about the hope of joy. I am not talking about temporary highs that result from bravos on the job or from being in love. I’m talking about the ability to find Jesus in the worst of circumstances. The ability to see the stars in the midst of a cloudy sky, and to smile at the red and gold sunset even though you know winter is coming. I am talking about “beautiful pain.” Why is it beautiful, you ask? Because it is not empty pain. It produces hope!
Hope makes life worth it.
Do you agree?
I’ll close out with some quotes about hope and holding on, and I hope you all have a great evening.





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