Would You Wear Used Underwear?

The Daily Random is back…. ๐Ÿ˜‰
And Monday is over, folks!


How do you feel about that? Hopefully super enough to sing to your favorite song on the way to work and not spill coffee/food all over yourself. Because that’s how to do it…
On the topic of the title, however: Would you wear used underwear? At my workplace yesterday, about five or six people somehow got to talking about thrift stores and discounts which turned into a discussion about the buckets of used underwear at Goodwill. Most people said, “no way EVER” would they ever buy someone else’s castoff drawers. One lady mentioned that buying used underwear really isn’t that different than using cloth toilet paper (if you didn’t know that existed, you’re in the same boat as me). It is basically re-usable toilet paper that you put through the washer and dryer and put back on top of the toilet. Similar to cloth diapers…
Seriously though, it’s amusing how scared we are of wearing someone else’s clothing, but we wear their false judgments around without a second thought. In my opinion, stereotypes are like used underwear. They are worn and gross to the point where you just look at them and, shaking your head, say “nope!”
Speaking of stereotypes, my sociology class recently watched a Netflix documentary on “Bronies,” which are adults, usually men, who are into the My Little Pony series. At the beginning of class, my teacher asked what sort of words we associated with the cultural subgroup, and most people replied “gay”, “weird”, or “creepy.” It’s interesting though, how my perspective changed as I watched the documentary, which highlighted not just the overall group of Bronies, but individual men and women living in all different states and countries. The thing that impressed me the most was that the stereotype didn’t fit. Each person who spoke in the documentary was an individual with unique expression, beliefs, and lifestyles. There wasn’t one person on that show that fit into the “gay”, “weird”, and “creepy” package.
Speaking of stereotypes again, I like this picture.


By the way, I don’t think diffusing stereotypes is about letting everyone do whatever they want to whoever they want without any judgment, and I also don’t think that it means that “labels” are necessarily wrong.
It’s knowing that the label doesn’t define the person. That one word based on race or a culturally accepted characteristic list isn’t a definition of someone. Because let’s face it, people cannot be defined by one word, and they shouldn’t be constrained by one word either.
Remember, stereotypes are like used underwear…
Have a great day folks! ๐Ÿ™‚


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