Optionally Titled (Part 6)

Brooke's Pictures2 097

Amid the contentment of the day-to-day exchange of work, school, friends, family, and church, one of my regrets is that I have little time to write. The words scrawled across my schedule seem to drown out the characters and plots that are screaming to be let out of my mind.
It is odd how earning a living sometimes steals the things that make us alive.
It is equally odd how I could live for sixty more years and do the things I dream of, or I could live for five minutes with only my past to account for.
I try to remember that. I try to cross off things from an eternal bucket list everyday. I could die driving home tonight, under a sky heavy with rainclouds. I could develop a disease and be told that my earthly clock is about to stop. I could die tomorrow in a plane crash on my way to visit my best friend in a neighboring state.
As cliche as it is to say “don’t just earn a living, actually live,” it’s true.
Ironically, I believe there is a way to truly live while also fortifying one’s existence.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

There is a way.
I will be away from WordPress for a bit while I take a vacation. But expect another post. Hopefully, next week. Hopefully more regularly. Hopefully alot of things.
See you on the other side.



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