Counting Down

Dude, can you believe it’s already November 7? November 7!
It’s not summer, it’s not finals, it’s not holiday season–right now it’s just the heart of the fall-transitioning-into-winter phase, when the mornings are crisp enough for sweatshirts but the afternoons are too warm for anything less than short sleeves. It’s considerably frustrating.
My point is that right now, nothing particular is going on. I hear alot of people counting the days forward, “Only 7 more weekends until Christmas!” or “48 days till I leave for California!”
Others of them, like me, are counting the days back. “6 months ago, I thought I had lost everything,” or “a year ago I was one of the most confused people on the planet.”
And then to think of now. The present–not the past, not the future.
It’s different. It’s better. It has been restored to an amazing extent that only God is capable of.
In some ways, when they say the past is dead, they are speaking the truth.
But then, ya know….zombies. Just because it’s dead doesn’t mean it can’t come back to haunt you over and over again.
That in itself provides me with motivation to make wise decisions in the present. I’ve seen the consequences that a series of very small choices can make. I’ve seen the mess that can be made just by putting one foot off the right path. I’ve seen that the consequences, the memories, the pains, don’t have a time of death. Just when I think the disease is gone, the symptoms start to appear again.
But I have learned so much….was it worth it?
It’s a question that’s hard to answer. It does make for excellent writing material though.
Sometime in the next month (hopefully, looking at my schedule, and whistling in astonishment, I am estimating in early Decemberish…) I hope to relaunch this blog. As I’ve said a million and one times before, I would also like to write more. On another note, I’ve noticed lots of international readers lately–from Germany to India to Cyprus! Hi guys, and thanks so much for reading!
But just like dealing with the past, I’ve realized I can’t keep saying that and not do anything about it. Goals take planning, planning takes perseverance, and perseverance takes repetitive action. And repetitive action produces goals.
See, a full circle!
What are you counting down for?


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