New Year’s Targets


Yesterday morning, I was standing in a corner–the one between the register and the bulletin board that holds the daily specials and catering menus at work. My coworkers were discussing their New Year’s Eve plans, which included bonfires and festivities and drinking and such. And while they were joking around and inviting eachother to events, I just stood there. Laughing at the jokes. Smiling. Making comments. But feeling somewhat invisible.
At that moment, my manager walked over to my little corner, and smiling, he said, “You know, you’re good like you are. Don’t ever feel like you need to change to be like anyone else. Stay exactly the way you are.” Then he walked away.
Maybe it was the moment he said it, or the way he said it, or the situation I was in, but those words really impacted me. And in their own small way they have set a course for the year that began today.
Honestly, one part of me doesn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. Why? Because they are based on acting in your own power, in your own strength, with your own vision. And while it may be great to plan to lose 10 pounds or to eat better or to go back to school, I can resolve all I want to and still see no change. Sometimes things don’t work out as planned. And as much as I huff and puff to get to my goals, God is the only one who brings success and happiness in the end. This year is in His hands, whatever my resolutions may be.
However, I think that making plans and setting goals is FANTASTIC as long as one remembers to be flexible with them. So, without further ado, here are my New Year’s….intentions? From A-Z. Literally.

Arrive on time to work each day
Be the kind of sister my brothers can look up to
Capture moments every day on my camera
Desist from wasting time on Facebook
Encourage my friends
Give of my talents to those who need it
Hug my family every day

Ignore bad advice
Journey outside my state
Keep studying my Bible
Let the past go
Make the most of every moment
Never surrender
Observe my life from God’s perspective
Prepare to move
Quit being negative
Resist making the same mistakes twice
Stay away from romantic relationships
Turn the memories into lessons
Verbalize my ideas and beliefs
Write every single day
eXcel in my last sophomore semester
Yearn to know God more
Zone in on my goals!

There you have it! I am about to start working on these goals today–walking around downtown with my family, writing an article for online publication, taking pictures, and then watching The Hunger Games tonight with my little brothers, who are thrilled that they finally get to see it.
Let me know, how do you plan to start accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions for today?
For me…there are 26 letters…and I have 26 “resolutions” for 2015. But wait. Goals? Nah. Resolutions? Nuh uh. Those are my New Year’s…..targets. 🙂 And by God’s grace, I hope they are verified.


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