Update + The Theme 2


You know you’re getting older when you spend your Christmas gift card on a laundry hamper.
Just saying.
Hey guys! How’s it going? It is four days into the new year so far–tackled any of your resolutions yet?
I’ve been working…more or less…. on mine. 😉
But more than that, I think the first part of the New Year is devoted to recovering from the holiday season. Taking down the tree, sweeping up the clumps of pine needles, spending Christmas money, carrying ornaments back to the attic…fun stuff. Yesterday, I finally took the last “car costume” antler off my car. I had been driving my poor baby around for almost a week with a red nose and only one antler–the shame of it!
At any rate, one of my New Year’s targets (besides the unstated “recovering from Christmas) was to excel in this upcoming semester. It’s hard to believe that it begins on Thursday. It’s even harder to believe that this begins, Lord-willing, my last semester at the community college. Graduation is on May 16th. 🙂 1/3 of the way through college! Woo-hoo!
Currently, I am trying to fandangle the rest of my big “targets”–which include a possible cross-country camping trip to Yellowstone National Park, and also the logistics with transferring to a university and moving to a new place.
2015 promises to be a pretty big one. 🙂
Okay, now that the updates are done, on to the theme…So, after “The Hardest Thing” my next popular posts are “Sighting”, “Some Things Everyone Needs to Know”, and “A Letter to that Someone.”
Ahhh, all the posts from the dark days.
So, because all of those are related to a similar topic, I have decided to take 2-3 weeks to discuss that topic, because it’s a big one. What is it?
Love. ❤
The lies, mistakes, successes, hardships, heartaches, and stresses associated with it…the hope of it…why it fails sometimes…my opinion on it…what God says about it…we are going to talk about all that stuff. I’m looking forward to it. 🙂
And you know, it fits in pretty well with last week’s topic as well. You know why?
Because love is the hardest thing.


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