8 Love Quotes for Your Thursday <3

Do you know what today is?
It’s Thursday, January 8, 2015!
How are the resolutions going? Ummhmmm. 😉
For me, today means going back to school. When I woke up, I had that same thrilled feeling that I used to get when I was younger–beating heart, sparkly eyes, fiery motivation. Then there was the sentimental moment where I took the old school class schedule out of my binder and put the new one in. Then I remembered that the next four months mark the home stretch of this chapter of my educational journey. Cue *tear*.
It promises to be a great day. Even though there are crystal blue skies and a gentle wind outside, apparently it is about 18 degrees, which is enough to turn my old Dunkin Donuts coffee to slush in my car. Sheesh. It looks like no walking downtown for me today. Oh well, maybe when I get done with classes today, I will snuggle up, crochet my shiny green afghan, and watch the first episodes of Marvel’s new TV series, Agent Carter. Yeah, I’m pretty excited. 🙂
At any rate, speaking of watching things, my friends decided to show me Forrest Gump for the first time the other day.
And in between guzzling a vanilla frap and eating m&ms, there was this one idea about the movie that grabbed me. What was it? Well, it was the idea of love. Forrest had been all over the world and had done everything anybody could want to do, but he still couldn’t get Jenny off his mind. He was there for her when she fell, he comforted her when she cried, he provided a place for her to stay when she had no where else to go–but every single time, Jenny left him. And when Forrest told her “I love you,” she said, “You don’t know what love is.”
Personally, I think he knew exactly what love was.
At any rate, I have to leave soon. Hopefully, I will cook up a short story or poem for tomorrow, and until then, I leave you with 8 awesome love quotes–some of my favorites. I hope you have an awesome Thursday!
Adios, amigos!






I'll always be with you




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