My Brother, Random Stuff, and an Action Plan


The other night, my mom and I went in to eat at the restaurant where my younger brother works. Apparently after we left, one of his coworkers was like, “Hey dude, that girl’s your sister? Hey do you think you could set me up on a date with her or at least give me her phone number?”
My bro’s answer?
“No, and if you say anything about it again, I’ll break your nose.Not even kidding…”
I love him lol <3.
It’s funny because we are polar opposites, but also best friends. Years ago, when I would run off to play with my neighborhood friend, he would chase me in his diaper and yell for me to come back. We would make up the silliest games with legos, horses, zoobs, lincoln logs, rescue heroes…any of those old awesome toys you can imagine. There were some times during our growing up that we would grow apart, but somehow we always grew back together. Today we still hang out, only now it is through talks on the way to work, or watching our “grown-up” TV shows, or listening to music. He calls me “Nasty” and I call him “Hobbit” (Lord of the Rings nicknames for any non-nerdy folks). I’m really proud of him and how far he’s come. He went from being an out of control kid to being a respectable young man. After only being at his job for six months, my brother has impressed his managers so much that they gave him a raise. Also in the past year, he won several taekwondo tournaments and has developed the discipline to work out HARD every day and watch his diet like a hawk; he has taken the membership class at our church and is being interviewed soon; and last but not least, he is also in a pre-law enforcement program at college–doing very well at it too. Apparently he either wants to be a cop in our city or go higher up and become an FBI detective. That’s the perfect thing for him to do…he was born to do it…he’s determined to get it…it’s in his blood. I think he can help alot of people with his strength and will to survive, and I couldn’t be more proud of him. :’)
Okay… *teary eyed big sister moment*
Now about me…nothing really out of the unordinary. πŸ™‚ Hahaha.
Seriously though, as soon as I get settled, something happens. In the past couple weeks, two of my pretty good friends have gotten into relationships. It’s always bittersweet, because I start thinking–oh my gosh, what if this is the one? What if they get married and move away and leave me? What if we forget about eachother? Will I ever see them again?? Everything is changing…everyone is getting older…why do things have to change….stupid relationships, they ruin everything!!! Okay Brooke, calm down…deep breaths…relax…it has to happen at some point…this is good…keep in touch with them…it’s not as bad as it looks….relax.
It has been interesting. I can honestly say that I cried with each “In a Relationship” status on Facebook, not because I’m jealous (overall I am a happy single + slightly jaded) or I want one too, but because I’m afraid of losing my friends.*sigh* But I’m glad because they have found great partners. I really truly am. πŸ™‚
Oh yeah, about the college stuff….
I’ve decided on my “action plan” since everyone keeps advising me to make one. Okay, already.
So, I figured
A) The College accepts me and there is available space for this fall…
Then from there it’s either 1) I get a scholarship or grant that would leave me at no more than $4000-5000 dollars in debt for this year. If that happens I would go this fall. 2) I do not get a scholarship or grant….etc. I would stay around for the next semester, work full time, get a second job if necessary, and plan on going in the spring.
B) The College accepts me but there is no available space for this fall….
See #2 above.
C) The College rejects me…as in “never ever ever will you come here ever”…
I would stay around for the next semester, work full time, and apply to other colleges. Right now I’m looking at UNC Chapel Hill or Mount Olive University. I might check into some others too….
So that’s my plan.
But honestly, who knows what could happen? Can I really truly plan anything in life? I kinda feel like the Joker…when anyone is like “Hey what are you doing this fall?” I’m like, “Do I really look like a guy with a plan?”
Haha. πŸ˜‰
Anyway, I have to go to my evening classes now…I hope you got something meaningful out of that random disorganized stuff. Have a great fantastic awesome night everyone! πŸ™‚


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