Optionally Titled (Part 7)


Yes, I know…I disappeared off the face of WordPress for let’s see, about a week?
No notice, just turned the radio volume down to 0 and let the rest of the world continue with my voice. I noticed it kept on going just fine. πŸ™‚
I don’t even have a good excuse. Well, I do, but it’s nothing drastic like I wrecked my mini speedboat on an iceburg in the hometown river or I got hit by a camel speeding down the highway with Aladdin on his back or I got wound up in an intense web of spider-web yarn and went without food or water for days. Nope. I’ve just been busy.
There just are not enough hours in my day. I make lists all the time on my mini white board–run, write this paper, clean this, organize that, do this, do that…..it is literally endless. I am rarely bored. Even when I “rest”, my mind is still on all the things that I have to do. And even in my free time, I make work for myself to do. Why? Because I love to work and I live to work. Boredom and over-relaxation drive me crazy more than a pile of paperwork or a list of errands ever could. I live on coffee and prayer and the highs of accomplishment and I starve on empty time.
I used to think that was always a good thing. Now I’m not so sure. Sometimes I feel like I am running on an endless treadmill, with no time to ask myself, “Why are you on this treadmill to begin with?”
Sometimes, I feel like I am missing the really important things by being a yes-man. Sometimes I feel like I just need to hit the pause button and ask myself what my life is worth, what I am accomplishing, and where I am going. I could be winning on the outside and losing on the inside. I could be gaining the world and losing my soul. (Matthew 16:26)
I don’t want to waste a priceless moment…not one…of my life with a meaningless expenditure of energy.
That being said (sorry for all the random rambling) I think I am going to start posting about three times a week. My favorite blogger, The Holistic Wayfarer, wrote a poem awhile ago that emphasized the importance of quality over quantity in writing, and featured the words, “don’t post just to post.” Another article I read in a writing magazine said that the sign of an amateur writer is a rush, a desperation to get words on paper and get published–even if the writing itself is very poor.
I don’t want to serve you guys leftovers seven times a week if I could serve you a banquet three times a week. And why pressure myself and make doing the thing that I love a chore?
Basically, you get the point. This post could be summarized with I’m busy. I want to use my time well. Because of that, and because I want my writing to be awesome rather than okay, I am posting less.But that less will be more. Hopefully. There.
Sigh. Yay, glad to get that off my chest.
On another note, I had alot of international viewers the past couple weeks. To those in The Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Japan, The UK, Canada, Brazil, Slovenia, Germany, and Malaysia….I hail you! You are awesome–thanks for reading.
And to those in the US, who make up most of my views, I haven’t forgotten about you. You’re my homies πŸ™‚
At any rate….I am thinking about all of you…
Also thinking about my future…
Also thinking about love…if it’s worth anything….
Also thinking about making a Google+ page…
Also thinking about getting back into Youtube….
Also thinking about writing the much-talked of, never-written book….
Also thinking about the 100th post….it’s coming up….
Also thinking about writing my geography paper…
Also thinking about going to sleep…as the featured pic says “My brain has too many tabs open”…
So goodnight or goodmorning…
Wherever you are. πŸ™‚

(Awesome note– I looked up “Optionally Titled” on Google images to try and find a featured image for this post….and what came up? The featured pics from my other “optionally titled” posts! Surprise. Apparently that phrase is my personal invention….think I should copyright it? Optionally TitledΒ©. There we go. πŸ˜‰ )


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