They say you have to weather the storms to appreciate the sunshine.
Similarly, I’d say you have to weather the writer’s block, criticism, and lack of readership before you can appreciate the days when your words sprout wings and fly from the page.
Today was such a day for me.
If you’re a writer, you understand. Some days, you pour your heart into a piece and then no one reads it. Then a week will pass and you won’t have the slightest unst of inspiration. After that, there will come a day when you are staring at your keyboard, asking yourself, Why am I doing this? No one cares…I don’t even know if I care anymore. I think I might just quit…
On some of those days, I have prayed, “God, please give me something that will keep me going in this, because I really don’t know if I can do this anymore.” Then I stake out at the computer with a cup of coffee and keep clicking away because that’s just what you do while waiting for a miracle.
Today, I am thanking God for giving me that miracle. I know, it may seem small to you. But to me, because I’ve been writing for most of my life, waiting and waiting and waiting for someone to read it…waiting for something to confirm that this is what I was born to do—for me today has been nothing short of a miracle.
I wrote “The Voices of Alone” straight from my heart, and am so grateful that it was able to touch other people’s hearts too. To Kate Loveton, thank you immeasurably and infinitely for passing the word around and for encouraging me. You have been the reason for many smiles, squeals, and happy tears as of late. πŸ™‚ Thank you also to everyone else who took time out of their day to encourage me. It means more to me than you’ll ever know.
And to anyone else who is struggling on their writing journey, as I have often, I want to remind you of a few things–Don’t quit. Keep writing. Keep searching your soul for the words you need. Keep praying. Be thankful for the small steps and successes even as you are grateful for the big ones. Don’t let writer’s block, a lack of views or likes, discouragement, or opposition stop you. Keep writing. And after all the words have been said, hold strong through the storm and wait for the silver lining. I’m right there with you. ❀
This is my 100th post on this blog….and it couldn’t have possibly come on a happier day πŸ™‚



  1. First off, I want to thank Kate for pointing out your writing to me! You are very talented. When my daughter was in middle school, she was a competitive writer. She and a few others were involved in an interscholastic creative writing league called “Power of The Pen” – I remember well her struggles to short circuit writer’s block and withstand the critique of little to no feedback. But she kept going. She switched to visual arts in high school and is now pursing an art degree – she thinks this is where the Lord wants her to engage the culture.

    • That’s awesome! I’m glad she’s found her niche. The perseverance she had while writing will definitely pay off in the art field too πŸ™‚ I can also remember trying many different things when I was younger and even through high school and the first years of college and nothing ever stuck–except writing. πŸ™‚

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