One Year Later


A year ago today, my words broke into this place
scarred from past sins
and found a sort of home away from life.
The bareness I felt as I scribbled my secrets
to strangers I have never seen–
Somehow finding healing through the
gaps in the twisted chain-link fence,
somehow seeing stars through
the trees that formerly obscured
the sky.
Somehow that summer came to an end
and life went on when I thought it should stop.
But the bitterness of those nine months
birthed a testimony
of grace and life renewed
that sprung like lilies from a soil
frozen over.
Somehow the memories became like a dream
and the sleeper awoke
and saw that her King had been
standing over her the whole while,
that she had not lost but had gained.
Somehow He made the fruits of His grace
sweeter than innocence
more precious than perfection
and greater than all she thought she wanted.
And somehow, her words that came from brokenness
reached out and healed her heart–
One year later.
June 18, 2014-June 18,2015



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