9 Things We Do After Heartbreak That Hurt More Than Help

This summer, one of my goals was to start writing for Thought Catalog. Today, I wrote this article and submitted it–and three hours later the editor wrote back to tell me that yes, it was published on the site.
I am so excited about this opportunity and the ones ahead. God is good.
I hope you enjoy this little nugget of my dreams. 🙂

Thought Catalog

1. We try to become new people.

New haircuts, updated tech, new jobs—in the ashes of a relationship, we try to rebuild by transformation. We might want to make our ex jealous, or put on a new look in hopes of having a new life. But at the end of the day, it`s just as easy to cry in front of a mirror with that new pixie haircut as it was with the old one.

2. We build bonfires.

In ancient times, fire was used to cauterize wounds. Nowadays, a common act after a breakup is to take all the polaroids, jewelry, wilted roses, and teddy bears and set a match to them. We take this ceremonial burning to mean victory; however, it is only destroying the evidence of our memories.

3. We distract ourselves from the pain.

Baseball game? Sign me up! Concert? Put me down. Starbucks date? Absolutely!…

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