Day One


“Where’s the Arts Building?”
“It’s back there, we just walked past it.” The other girl scrolled through her phone.
“Seriously, back there by the Starbucks? We have to walk all the way back?” The first girl fingered her dark hair out of a braid. “Thank God I have you with me.”
I’ll admit it. I listen to other people’s conversations. Because I’m curious…because I can.
It helps them seem more real.
It paints meaning on the face of a stranger.
I wonder sometimes if other people do the same thing. If they watch, listen, look at me…
And if they do, what would they see?
Currently, if they looked, they would see me sitting in the library on the campus of a large university. If I look out the window, I can see five young trees and a circle of bricks emitting a cloud of cool steam. It will probably feel nice on my skin; perhaps I will take a stroll through it later.
It’s my first day at this school, and while I don’t have class, I’m trying to learn the ropes so I don’t get lost tomorrow. I’ve already learned that the Starbucks in the library is much less congested than the one by the Student Store. I’ve also learned that only one of the three wifi networks on campus works with my computer. I’ve also learned that everyone, for the most part, is very friendly and okay with asking questions and giving answers.
I wonder how different this place will be from my community college. There are four times as many people here, much more space, and an increase in the anonymity that can make anyone disappear.
I feel rather small. Several times, I’ve thought I heard someone call my name, and turned around only to remember that I don’t know anyone. Except the friends that I ride with, of course, and their friends in the music program.
I wonder what will happen…where this path will lead.
Pray for me as I begin this new journey.
I can feel myself struggling already–getting too secure in my happiness, being proud of my success, doing right things for the wrong reasons, forgetting about others and seeking my own glory.
I want to excel here. I want to be challenged, to be encouraged, to be given direction. I don’t want to lose my faith. I don’t want this exciting season to become like a tsunami wave that sweeps me away from God and my family. I want my life to retain its focus and meaning even as I step into a different world.
As always, thank you for your continued support. Laters…. 🙂

I wrote an article about the new semester on Thought Catalog. Click the link to see it!
Link to “I Hope You Don’t Make it Through This Semester”



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