(picture from http://mayshing.deviantart.com)

These are some reflections while watching the sunset tonight–thinking of all the heartaches and evils of the world, but also of the One who made the skies so beautiful and distinct every day.

beyond the hints of twilight–
pink scars on flawless azure skin
and the dead sun rises in another corner of the world.
dusk to dawn to darkness to
and i comfort myself, thinking i am the only one
with a burdened heart,
watching the flowers of light collapse into hours of darkness
while stars show up like a girl practicing needlepoint,
pricking her finger as she places dots of gold thread
in a black pillowcase.
but how alike are the wispy maroon clouds to the fires that burn within?
and how different are the stars that guide a lost voyager home and the sun that grows the apple trees and wilts the lilies where they bloom?
the flames work magic in the skies but scorch our souls
around the edges
the darkness bends us to our knees but writes poetry about the light
the skies reflect on life each day,
but somehow
though we watch the watercolors bleed across the Artist’s page
we scorn the hope of mystery.


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