reflection on flowers and here


It is in the seventies here after many mornings of scraping breathy ice off the windshield in the dark, early closings because of tornado warnings, and a roller coaster of weather that made it nearly impossible to choose between a long-sleeved shirt and infinity scarf or a winter coat and long underwear.
There is a rose-a white rose with pink highlights-on my bedside table right now. It is sitting inside an old water bottle because I was too lazy to find a vase. But it makes me want to plant flowers, to scatter the diversity of seeds onto the dirt of my garden box like I did when I was younger. I never had much luck with vegetables, but the flowers continued to come back year after year. Without any input on my part, despite weather changes, despite rain, despite heat.
Currently I am on spring break from university, so I have plenty of time to monitor my rose and embrace the warm weather. I also have time to walk around downtown (pictured above) a little more. Let’s face i though-the most “outdoor activity” I will probably complete this week is listening to 80s music with the windows down or sitting on the back porch with coffee. Although I tried that a few weeks ago and saw what was very possibly a black widow spider. Possibly “outdoor activities”, even mild ones, are overrated.
At any rate, many changes have occurred this semester. As always, every semester is a new season, and for me they have each been so distinct that I cannot blur them together. This semester, I went to my first linguistics conference by myself and also observed my first English as a Second Language classrooms. Both resulted in me falling in love with ESL instruction and international teaching. Also, I started working for a poetry journal as an editorial intern. I have alot to learn about Mac computers, but working in an office filled with books and magnetic poetry words is quite magical. And-hush,hush-I might be going on a big trip this summer. Somewhere out of the country where I can study literature near where my great-grandmother lived. Excitement!
Somehow in all of this, I have been learning that obedience to God probably involves doing things that are uncomfortable to me, or that smack my self-centeredness and pride in the face. But then there are even better things waiting on the other side, words of hope spoken in a song, peace through prayer, encouragement from a friend, and perseverance to press on. As Sam said in my favorite story, Lord of the Rings, “There is light and beauty out there that no shadow can touch.”
So, aside from this whirlwind of random information, I close with the farewell that I used to put on some of my oldest posts: Goodnight or good morning, wherever you are. 🙂


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