Why I am deactivating my Facebook account:


This makes my cuticles bleed, the way all three hundred of you
ignore my clever quip, my sarcastic article, my election opinion
draped with hashtags. My teeth find the tip of my fingernail,
play with its raw smoothness like you play with my vanity.
Three more times I check my presentation, smooth down the
wrinkles and spritz on more color, more culture,
until you can smell my desperation-like Cinnabon-
from another blue screen five miles away.

Facebook has always been a big distraction for me, as well as an area that I have often used to flaunt my own accomplishments, pride, and vanity. Right now it is a web of hateful political posts, apathy, and anger. For these reasons, and because it is final project season at my university, I am stepping away from this social media platform that is starting to feel like a leech.
P.S. Deactivating my FB will also help me keep up with this new month-long blog series #apoemaday. This is the third installment and I’m looking forward to working on the rest. Cheers!


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