a short adventure on the outer banks


For my tenth birthday, my mom and I took a trip up the coast, skirting through the Outer Banks islands in a matter of days. We saw Ocracoke, climbed Cape Hatteras, and took a quick peak at the Bodie Island Lighthouse. However, my favorite lighthouse–the “one with the diamonds” as I called it; the one that our artist neighbor painted as a steady object in a sea of yellow sand and blue sky–that one we did not see.
I am now twenty-two years old, and the other day I woke up and realized that I am a college graduate, an adult with a car, and an avid traveler who is continuously going home after work to apply for professional jobs and drink coffee at the nook table. Necessary things, but also things that will kill an adventurous spirit. And if I don’t start on my bucket list now, I never will.
So on my day off work, I went. I bought a ticket for the Harker’s Island Gateway Ferry to Cape Lookout. I felt the air pushing against my skin until it almost hurt to have my eyes open. I saw the wild ponies on the Shackleford Banks, quietly standing with their faces in the island grass. I stretched my gastrocnemius muscles climbing the traingle-shaped, winding stairs to the top of the lighthouse–and when I got to the top, I saw infinite ocean and sky, figurine humans and model trees in the expanse of the world beneath.
The adventure finished a few hours later with a stop at the Beaufort Coffee shop for a delectable strawberry cream puff and a crisp cold brew.
And here is a video of the whole experience! I hope you enjoy it, and also get a chance to someday visit the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina. ❤ Cheers!


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