Brown hair. Hazel Eyes. Lots of blushing. Facial expressions.
Lover of the open road. Ticklish.
Homeschooled. Philosopher of Random Musings.
Coffee Extremist. Procrastinator.
Sister three times over. Recent college graduate.
Risk Taker. Professional Bagel Seller.
Adventure seeker. Imperfect Perfectionist.
Nerd. Novice photography extremist. Writer.
Dreamer. Redeemed by blood. Opportunist.
Sad. Happy. Confused.
I am.
🙂 😛 😦 😉 😮 😥 😀 ❤

You can read more of my writing on Thought Catalog and The Rebelution.
Or follow me on Twitter @targetverified


All written content on this site that is not quoted and attributed is the property of Brooke Lauren, and, outside of brief quotations, may not be used unless I grant you permission. All featured pictures from posts dated January 25, 2016 to the present day (excluding August 25, 2016) are also property of Brooke Lauren, but may be used wherever you please as long as a link to the blog is provided. Thank you! 


One comment

  1. Congrats on being published! I know your work is old and it has been a while but just wanted to say congrats on your work! Hope you keep writing and sharing your work! Hope your 2018 has been well!

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